Raakmo is a DJ / Producer out of the Chicago area. With his melodic and hard hitting productions, he has established himself as the city's top hard music artist. Whether it be hard house, trap, or hardstyle, Raakmo has been committed to creating the perfect blend of emotion and high energy sounds. His style has captured the attention of many big players in the music industry, gaining their support with his music being featured in their radio shows and live sets. As a DJ, his impact extends far beyond his work in the studio. Playing for Chicago's top weekly dance parties, clubs, and summer festivals, Raakmo seeks out to share his passion and connect with his live audiences. In a scene saturated with similar sounds, Raakmo has paved his own path into becoming a remarkable talent who stands out as unique among the rest. With an exciting schedule of upcoming shows, and a stash of heavy music ready for release, Raakmo is on the rise and is taking the music game by storm.

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